How To Improve Your Memory

“Remember that guy?… you know, the one with the dark curly hair that we met at the pier when we were on spring break in 81?”

…uuuhhh… No.

Who care about something so long ago? Right?

Truth?… I could hardly remember what I had for breakfast let alone some person I met a week ago!

Forgetting a persons name is such a blow to another individual and it makes us feel like idiots when we do it.

We hate it when that happens!

We sit and wonder how we could be so smart in certain areas and simultaneously stupid in others.


Remembering is not about smarts,

it’s about  paying attention and organizing your memory files.

I have some mind games for babysitting the brain and I intend to pass them on to you.

You might have heard of the Dominic System, I have remembered more than ever before since I’ve adopted this system myself.

We all have this incredible system called the BRAIN.

I know, sometimes we wonder if everyone got the same kit, but we all have the gift of a computer for storing information, like, forever.

The problem we seem to run into is not understanding how it works.

And I’m gonna tell you how right now.


Every business uses this to keep track of all comings and goings on, and that’s…


Have you been using yours to remember all the names, dates, and times of all the beloveds you meet every day?

No, you have not.

Or, you wouldn’t be reading this post right now. Right?



Here is the system I use to keep names and numbers filed in my brain.



0=O   1=A   2=B   3=C   4=D   5=E    6=S   7=G   8=H   9=N

Single Digits:

You will have a place in your mind that goes from 0 to 10.

Mine is my dream house, yours can be any house you want it to be… use a ‘house’ because it is the

BASE for your number files, aka, the house for your number files.


Start with a JOURNEY of your house in mind.

(This is my own adaptation with the correlating Letters integrated with Numbers.)

For example:

0 is the bathroom in my master bedroom

1 is the bedroom

2 is the staircase

3 is the bathroom at the bottom of the stairs

4 is the living room

5 is the kitchen

6 is the study

7 is the game room

8 is the sun room

9 is the path outside of the house

10 is the patio in the backyard


You must create your own journey… be it real or imaginary, to create this file.

Now, as you have seen in my files there are corresponding numbers to letters, this is where the fun begins.

0, in my bathroom there is a picture of ‘The Scream’ that makes an O shape for the number 0.

1, there is 1 Apple on my nightstand, 1 is A.

2, there is a Beehive shaped chandelier above my staircase, 2 is B.

3, in the bathroom downstairs are three C cup bras hanging from a sconce, 3 is C.

4, in the middle of my living room table is a  golf flag that has 4D embedded upon it, 4 is D.

5, a wheelchair looks like a 5 and sits in the kitchen, upon it is an elephant teetering and EEking because of the 5 mice scattering about on the floor, 5 is E.

6, the study has 6 Snakes that love to slither around my daughter Cyd’s computer, 6 is S.

7, upon the lovely billiard table sits a hangman-type 7, a Gallows in the Game room, 7 is G.

8, lounging in the sun room is a Hungry Hippo that Ate all the sunflower seeds, 8 is H.

9, outside is a lovely tree with a noose dangling nine daisies, 9 is N.

10, Annie Oakley had propped one leg on my patio chair and looks directly at me, 10 is AO.


Do you think I will FORGET these scenes in my very own beloved dream house? Not.

Why the correlating numbers and letters?

This is your numbers file from 0 to forever.

Numbers are best remembered in twos, so you will use your letters to remember numbers in your file.


AO = 10   AA = 11   AB = 12   AC= 13   AD= 14

AE= 15   AS= 16   AG= 17   AH= 18   AN= 19


So what do you do with the letters?

They are Names, of coures.

Annie Oakley, Adam Ant, Abe Lincoln, Alice Cooper, AD stands for after death for me so I put in my beloved departed Max, Albert Einstein, Adam Sandler, Alec Guiness,  Anne Hathaway, Aaron Nevil.

You will proceed to create the names as you see fit, that is, what fits you and your familiars.

B is the same… BA, BB, BC… etc.

Then C D E S G H N.


Putting two characters together would be 4 numbers, Albert Einstein and Ben Affleck  would be 1521.

Having odd numbered numbers, like 3 and 5, you would pull in your single digits from your journey of 0-9 mentioned above.  Albert and Ben on the staircase getting stung by bees, 15212.

If this number is for your locker at the gym then you could run around the staircase with the gang in a towel, if it’s the number for your post office box, a mail man could get a few stings in, if it’s a number for a website username or password you could add in something from that site right into your scene.

I use the odd number at the end of my digits, but you may create yours any way you’d prefer.

Another example of how to use the number system is in monitoring your self disciplines of how often you do a thing  per day, week, or month.

Let’s say I have a ‘friend’ who has a habit of smoking a pack and a half a day and drinks wine more often than is necessary for ‘heart health’ and wants to know where she stands number-wise for self evaluation.

If at the end of the day, after a month of evaluating and adjusting, she finds herself in the bathroom downstairs with wine spilled all over the counter and her darling doggie Max spinning in happy circles at her feet, she knows that she is at 3 glasses of wine and 14 smokes that day.

Downstairs bathroom is 3 and AD is Max at 14.

Results are inevitable when you are accurate in assessment and cannot lie to yourself.


Be sure to love your icons for numbers 1- 20 as you will be visiting them more often than the rest. If you feel uncomfortable with an icon/name then it would be wise to choose another that makes you smile and has nothing but encouragement for you and what you seek from them.


This file should take 4 to 8 weeks to remember and get organized in your noggin and then it’s set for life.

Worth the effort?  YES.


I know what you’re thinking…

“I’m struggling with remembering things and this chick wants me to memorize all this crap!”


It’s an egg/chicken sort of thing.

We tend to not use our horse to pull this cart and this is how we get it going the right way round.

The upside is that once you get your files in order you will find it very easy to remember whatever it is that pleases you.



What about Names?

This is a Letter Game File and because you understand number files you CAN do this.

But firstly, it is essential that you care enough to remember another’s name enough to stop thinking of yourself when being introduced.

THAT is the number one reason most of us cannot recall the name of a new acquaintance, we are too busy wondering what they are thinking of us or how we look, appear, or smell to the other that we have missed the introduction all together.

Put yourself aside for a moment and really take in all of the obvious characteristics of this ’just as important as you’ human being and be present when you hear their name.

File the name according to their first name, as that is the most important.

And if you’re not sure if Aaron is spelled with and A or an E, just ask… they will love that you wanted to know!


This file goes from A to Z.

For each letter there is a sentinel standing at the door with a corresponding object in hand.

For example:

The Letter A in my filing cabinet is Abe Lincoln holding an Apple.

When I meet anyone who’s name begins with A, I mentally have Abe greet them, place the apple in their hand, and allow them to enter my A files.

Use as many memory jogging enhancers at this entry that pops automatically to mind.

Like, who does this person reminds you of?

Do you already have a friend with this name?

Does their last name remind you of a someone or something?

Include these other people or objects with their entry into your letter files.

Let’s say I meet this new person by the name of Aaron King and he looks a bit like Matt Dillon:

Aaron is greeted by Abe who hands him an apple and Matt places a crown upon Aaron’s head.

Or, you meet Aubrey Flores: Abe initiates  her with the gift of the apple, you don’t know anyone with the name of Aubrey but you automatically think of Audrey Hepburn, now our new friend is holding the apple and is having a diamond necklace, in the shape of Flowers for Flores, from Tiffany’s of course, being placed upon her neck by Audrey Hepburn.

Will I soon forget Aubrey?… will you?

The scenarios are endless, but it is best to go with what comes to mind automatically,without censorship, as that will be more readily available as to boot up a memory file.


“We’ve only Just begun”… [I can hear Karen]

Dominic O’Brien

List of famous names

Get your Head in the game darlings!

Love and Stuff,





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