Are You Done Waiting To Be Happy?

Happiness is...

A Warm Gun or a Charley Brown episode?

Depends… do we believe that ‘if such and such wasn’t here’ life would be grand or do we believe that it is only found in over simplified concepts through animated caricatures, aka, stories and fairy tales?

Don’t you get sick of people telling you that happiness is a matter of choice?

Damned positive pesties!

I know what it’s like to want and want and want without ever seeing the beloved wanted-ness anywhere. Where the hell is all that cool stuff we’ve been wanting to make us friggin happy?!

No one wants to hear some crap about being happy with what we have in our lives right now.

“So, shits goin down but I should just smile and let that be just so freaking okay? No, not just ‘okay’, I should smile while I’m doing those dishes!”

I get that. It’s rather irritating to have some Pollyanna-feel-good-about-your-crappy-life speech.

Well, here it comes:


Everything you need to create happiness is here with you right now!

Every time we feel dissatisfied with our lives is a time we are spending taking life for granted. And when you take life for granted nothing else can enter your life because you have no love for what you already have.

Stop what your head is telling you about your bills, your children, or the size of your ass and take a REAL look at what is all around you right now.

Anyone who has teenagers knows what I’m talking about. My thirteen year old is never satisfied with where she is or with any decision she makes. If she went to the mall she wishes she went to the movies, if she went to stay at her cousins for the summer she wishes she was home.

No, really! My daughter called me every few days wanting to come home and then when I would make arrangements to drive four hours to get her she would change her mind. I’m talking texting at two in the morning kind of changing her mind.

But the minute she gets home she wishes she was still where ever the hell she was before!

Ahhhhhh! Teenage thinking is Abbey-Normal!

So what’s your excuse?

What is this ‘never allowing’ ourselves to be happy where we are no matter what ‘where we are’ is?

It’s the belief that; Something Better Is Never Where I Am!

It’s the belief that; I Don’t Deserve To Be Happy Until… !

It’s the belief that; If There Wasn’t ‘Bad Luck’ There’d Be No Luck At All!


Sitting around waiting for the other shoe to fall seems to be the Great American Pastime.

If shits gonna hit the fan why is it always YOUR fan?

There is a common denominator here when all you find is grievances within your life… it’s you.


Wouldn’t it be just as true or maybe truer to expect something miraculous to come your way?

Wouldn’t it be just as true or truer to see how amazing each breath you take is?

Wouldn’t it be just as true or truer to allow love to flourish with whomever is with you right now?

Wouldn’t it be just as true or truer to trust the mystery of your very presents right now?

Why are we so angry and bored and dissatisfied with our lives?

It super sucks to have hearts, eyes, arms, legs, lungs, chairs, tv’s, telephones, airplanes, computers, friends, mothers, daughters, teachers, books, earphones, beds, hardwood floors, toilets, tooth brushes, tomatoes, pickles, diapers, grass, lakes, boats, fish, cucumbers, cars, kittens, wine, husbands, fathers, tables, food, bottled water, massages, laughter, movies, music, hair dressers, dentists, photos, coolers, beer, microwaves, doors, windows, heaters, wine, oceans, forests, deserts, trees, rocks, running water, hairdryers, eyelash curlers, gasoline, donuts, wine, architecture, art, freedom, carpet, doggies, paper clips, paper, sharpies, erasers, carrots, pillows, pianos, fingernails, lotion, shampoo, beach towels, sunscreen, love, breath, air, Q-tips and wine.


We have TAKEN all of it for granted and have not GIVEN gratitude in return.

So when is the best time to start being happy? And what are you waiting for?

When you see all that you have and express gratitude for it you will begin to see more of what you want and you will find that you do not need it to be happy but it will be there just for you just the same.

It’s funny, looking back, most of the things that I really wanted were already there, day in and day out.

With much love and gratitude, Kim

Read: ‘The Magic’ by Rhonda Byrne

Maybe this will make you happy-er…


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