Life Whispering 101

They call me…

  “The Life Whisperer”

(Okay, no they don’t… but you can if you want to.)

I want to show YOU how to be your very own Life Whisperer!

There is much talk of experiencing an epiphanous “Aha Moment”.

Well, I never had one and that just pissed me right off because it leads one to feelings of  inadequacy as it begs the question;  ”What the hell is wrong with me?

Thanks Oprah… for nothin.

And then it happened to me.

Too many events have conspired together to bring on this Eureka Moment for me to ignore or to toss to the random dogs of coincidence.

Being the contemplative sort, I’ve spent years pondering on just how to get through this thick skull of mine, trying everything and anything to release this potential I knew was inside, but something always seemed to get in my way.

I knew it was myself, and that just exacerbated my already existing state of pissed-off-ness.

As superfluous as the voices for “Aha Moments” are at present, the decibels reached for the “Subconscious Mind” are even louder.

The subconscious mind is being touted as the enemy, a sort of mysterious Hitler in your Head that controls over 90% of what you do or do not accomplish in life, with the emphasis on the later.

I am not a proponent of much of the current views, as it implies that we are, in a word: Screwed.

The statistics of such a high percentage of how out of control we are of our minds sits heavily in our hearts, giving us the illusion that we are destined to zombie walk through life, cutting our feet on the shards of our broken dreams and forced to forever carry the dull weight of our confirmed powerlessness upon our already heavy laden backs.

[Give me a sec... gotta catch my breath... long sentences take the wind out of me... K, I'm back.]

It would appear that there is little to be done about it… unless we pull a Byron Katie/ Eckhart Tolle and get up-graded to Buddha status over night.

This would imply, to the conscious mind, that there is a divided selectiveness about life that doles out its limited supply of Graces upon the favored and the few.

Not So!

So, what was this catalyst that broke through to greater awareness and self mastery?

I got a puppy.

 First Things First

Quickie like… may I first suggest to you that you are not singularly subject to the subconscious aspect of your mind, and that the sub-mind is a beautiful mind indeed.

Above the Conscious mind level is yet another level. This higher mind level can be put into play and is always at your disposal as a part of your very self,  I refer to this as the Cosmic Mind.

So, three tiers have we as parts of the whole. A perfectly designed synergistic system called you. However, the slogan “2 out of 3 aint bad” will never apply to you as a multifaceted being on the path to happiness.

The path to Okay-ness is never what you’re looking for.

The Order of Operations:

  1. Cosmic Mind
  2. Conscious Mind
  3. Subconscious Mind

This cosmic mind is the culmination of all knowledge, wisdom, and experience, both from yourself and all collective minds, as there is no separation.

It is the sum-total of all that is, has been, and is to come. Perhaps we could call it God Mind, Spirit Mind, Life Force, Inner Being… whatever suits.

Playfully Proceed with Pragmatism:

Allow me to re-mind you that the Sub mind has issues with words, labels, or images that represent unsatisfactory-past-informational-experiences (shitty memories) that will have you tripping over semantics rather than capturing the essence of  what they may significantly signify.

Keeping this Cosmic mind in mind will give you some relief by reawakening the possibilities that you just might have a greater thought assistant of profound power with you, within you, as you, as well.

May I Proposition You? 

[music cue; "Let's Get It On"... not appropriate ... sound cue;  Record Scratch... silence.]

I propose that it is your cosmic mind that is free of illusions, and when given permission from your conscious mind to act as the leader in your head, and thereby offsetting the 90% subconscious mind scare, you have arrived as yourself, unshackled.

I propose that your subconscious mind is not an evil entity residing within that is in need of immediate exorcising.  The greatest fear one can feel is the fear of self… cut it out!

There is no more need for this, it’s all just a big misunderstanding. Whether you have terrorized yourself from within or from without, it is all the same.

We practice self-terrorism by creating and naming them like little pets; Ego mind, Subconscious mind, Reptile brain, Bad, Evil , Demonic, Unclean, Defiled.

And the mother of all horrors… dare I say?

Yes, I do dare say; “The One, The Only, The Original Sinner!”

What fun!  Now aren’t we off to a good start?

What if we just threw in a new name to shake things up a bit… like, Scooby Doo!

Rut Row, that animated dog doesn’t mesh well with the rest of our horror heroes, that’s ridiculous. Exactly.

Now let’s throw in a super cute, sweet-eyed, infectiously happy, unconditionally loving, unquestioningly loyal, ever trusting, and forever innocent puppy!

  • Figuratively speaking;  A puppy has been the Freddy Krueger of your nightmares all along.
  •  Factually speaking;  It’s just Robert Englund.

Really? Really.

Thinking of the subconscious mind in terms of its puppy-hood will assist you in grasping the proper prospective on just where you stand as owner/operator of this doggedly devoted aspect of your mind.

You are the Master.

You are the Master he’s been Praying for.

Good Goddess it’s about time!


Life Whispering 101

Puppy Training

Yes, I did get a puppy. (But we’re pretending my daughter got a puppy.)

So, “my daughter” got a puppy, which, with all our collective minds put together is unanimously interpreted as; “Mommy got a puppy.”

I had put off the whole “Mom, I want a dog” issue for a number of years for a number of reasons, namely, I will have a fun new project that will be posing as my daughters new puppy, but in real space-time reality: I get a new puppy!

Oh… and the fact that I killed my last dog had also made this issue a bit off-putting.  This unintentional murderess was still feeling the lingering strains of guilt and heartache.

Besides, what kind of mom tells their kids they’ll never have the beloved dream dog of their hearts? This mom!

Well, dammit if my sister-in-law’s dog didn’t just Jezebel up and have puppies.

There was no escape, my fate was sealed.

With respect to not killing this one, and with the remembrance of how spoiled and naughty my little Max was, I decided to ask the authority on all things dogs; The Dog Whisperer.

As I watched back to back episodes of Cesar Millan, I was struck with a sudden clarity of  correlations;

Cesar’s Way of approaching dogs was an astoundingly simple Way of approaching subconscious minds.


How marvelous that my daughter got a dog!

  • The puppy arrives.
  • The daughter smiles.
  • The mom trains the puppy.
  • The puppy trains the mom.
  • The mom falls in love with the puppy.
  • The daughter names the puppy Buddha.
  • The Irony ensues.

 Two Simple Steps

1. Calmness: The Seat of Transformation

To be in the Seat is to be the driver. Where is this seat? It is the Center of the self. What is the center? The many parts of you aligned as one.

Speaking in an obscure esoteric language has been a major stumbling block for many truth seekers, however beautifully crafted, if the language is not perceptible to the masses we have cheated them of wisdom’s bounty.

In layman’s terms the seat is where you sit your ass, but because we are so damned spiritual we interpret the seat as getting centered. To be fair, I will admit to being a lover of  poetic esoteric writings. Finding words to speak the unspeakable is a delicious puzzle for the mind and a soothing oasis for the soul.

“We dance round in a ring and suppose,
But the Secret sits in the middle and knows.”
- Robert Frost

For the sake of the clarity that resides in simplicity, let’s sit our asses down and consider this:

  • Calmness is the state of being Centered
  • Calmness is the state of being Aware
  • Calmness is the state of being Here
  • Calmness is the state of being Undisturbed
  • Calmness is the state of being Deliberate
  • Calmness is the state of being Detached

You are the Alpha dog, a leader with explicit commitment to your status. The first rule of thumb when dealing with your intent to lead is to actuate the poise of an Alpha through the behavior of calmness. (Think of Bambi’s father poised with power upon the mountain.)

Wait a minute! Let me just jump out of this parentheses for a minute…

You know what just hit me? It used to piss me off that Bambi’s dad would stand off in the distance, like a dead-beat-deer… dad. But now I see his detachment was a deliberate act of leadership to allow this new young prince to walk on his own…  Still don’t like it.

[I'm back]

Calmness is demonstrative. Your back is straight but not ridged, your neck is long and your chin is parallel to the floor, your hands are relaxed, your eyes are soft but sure, your movements are deliberate and smooth, your voice is clear and mild, your ears are listening with the intent to hear, you have no need to fidget, fuss, or fret over anything right now in your present state of calmness.

Did you feel that? That’s the position of the power of calmness.

You will claim your Alpha status to your subconscious mind through practiced calmness.

Keep in mind that once your pup gets that you’re the man, then it’s time to have a romp at stupid, only after setting the foundation first do little dogs fetch sticks.

If life isn’t fun, then it isn’t life.

Being deliberate doesn’t mean we take ourselves so damned seriously.


2. Consistency:  

This is where the Alpha’s “Beta testing” comes in.

Puppies, being puppies, will get confused if you are not consistent with your status. They will have no other alternative but to take the lead.

So you have no other alternative, then, but to show up as the Alpha every damned day.

Remember, allowing pups misbehavior by ignoring the boundaries that you have set will only confuse him, he will not accept you as pack leader until you do.

He will attempt to right the pack balance by filling what he sees as a vacancy in the pack leader role.

“A dog is never too old to learn new things, as long as his human is calm, consistent, and does not become frustrated. Stay calm and assertive.” -Cesar Millan

Our dogs live to make us happy = Our subconscious minds live to make us happy.

The sub mind is only assisting you in giving you what you want and making it effortless for you by putting what you say you want on auto pilot for you.

The cosmic mind is the collective data base for the synchronistic fulfillment of all desire… but that’s a topic for another chapter.

The dog whisperer understands the nature of the dog, the life whisperer understands the nature of life.

You are the eyes, ears, and arms of Life.


Your first assignment:

Pick one issue that is bothering you; money, weight, pain, anger, people, anxiety… and start retraining your sub-pup to implement a new behavioral reaction.

Your habit is to get really pissed off when you drive to and from work.
You will sit calmly taking the alpha stance and lead with a poised no-nonsense attitude. Add a dash of compassion as your pup is innocently behaving in a way that you have trained him to.

Think about every word that has come out of your mouth while driving, every thought you’ve had about all the assholes that shouldn’t be allowed on the road. You wont have to think hard, they will pop up automatically as habitual triggers Pavlov.

Drivers not using blinkers, drivers riding your tail, drivers going too fast or too slow, drivers from Asia… all the little triggers that make you lose it will be your cues to correct.

When you feel the rise and the tightness in your chest – physical indication of not calm – cut it off before it takes too much of a hold on you.

Call to Calmness

Bring your calmness to center and say your new command:

  •  Driving is my time
  •  I love driving because I don’t have to do one damn thing
  •  I get to be alone with My thoughts and listen to My music and relax
  •  I love how all my fellow drivers cooperate with me in the flow of the road
  •  It’s amazing how we’re all still alive on this road
  •  There is something magical about driving
  •  Driving is synergy in motion
  •  Driving is faith in action
  •  I love how relaxed I am while driving
  •  I’m always safe when I drive
  •  Driving is fun

Use any little lie that feels right to you, don’t be overly concerned with lying to your sub mind, he doesn’t know the difference between truth and lies as there is no such thing to him.

The repetitive programs, thoughts and words, that you have given him is all that matters, as he only aims to please. Your voice may start only as a still small voice but with consistent repetition of new commands your subconscious has no other choice but to obey.

“The still small voice waxes wild and mighty in the presence of calmness.”

Do not get frustrated just get consistent. When your pup cries, “Squirrel!”,  pay attention and correct.

Soon you will notice that your drive to work isn’t the big problem it used to be.

If you re-mind yourself before the drive, how much better will your results be?


This works for everything that triggers unwanted feelings in your body.


Fast Track Your Shizzle:

Read Eldon Taylor’s “Self-Hypnosis and Subliminal Technology: A How-to Guide for Personal-Empowerment Tools You Can Use Anywhere!”

And use his InnerTalk®: Subliminal Technology 

Use my link for instant access: Awesome InnerTalk Mind Training

Just be still and know that you are Alpha.


Stay Calm and Consistent,



Thank you for listening, may this be a turning point in your search for self-mastery.

Speaking of ‘listening’, if you’ve ever wondered why Disney is so alive and well these days, it’s because Disney stories speak to the childhood dreamer within all of us.

Dreaming is Life’s pulse.

I will address this dreamer of dreams and how to re-awaken her in the next issue of Life Whispering.

Every Love song or Prince who comes to save is an ode to the awakening of the Beloved, and the beloved is you.

Dose of Disney:

Rapunzel is stolen from her parents, the King and Queen and so is the daughter of noble birth, by a desperate vengeful witch. She is fine living in her tower until she reaches a certain age, the age of asking ‘why?’.  She bumps into providence and knowledge in the form of her Prince and decides for her freedom no matter the cost. Rapunzel finds true love and retains her birthright by allowing her desire to overrule her fears. She is both the prince and the captor but she has chosen one, she has chosen well.

I See The Light – Tangled






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  1. You’re fabulous. :) Congratulations on the new pup. Stay calm and assertive. If that fails, bring out the big wine glass.

  2. It’s great to hear from you Kim, I have to be honest, I don’t have time to read the entire post cause I have to run…I’ll be back. Just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am to see your new website! I’m on your list already…LOL

  3. Monica Black says:

    OK! I get it! I am the Master of My Mambo! I am the Pilot of my Pizza! Love ya, Kim and am bookmarking you even as I speak! Keep it comin’!